Title: The Assessment of Arogya Yojana 

Name of Presenter: Jiban Khuntia

Affiliation: Research Fellow at University of Maryland, DC.

Volunteer at Ekal DC, Washington DC. 



This research study of the assessment of the work of Arogya Yojana- the healthcare activities of Ekal was done in collaboration with CHIDS at University of Maryland. The study was conducted with the objective of assessing success of Arogya Yojana as a voluntary, participatory, and local community driven health care related non-profit organization.

Project Details

Arogya Foundation operates through a cadre of field workers (Arogya Sevikas) to serve as the primary health caretaker, connecting villagers in need with appropriate health care facilities, and collecting data related to the health status of the rural community within which they work. Through a year-long involvement, interview, meetings, focused group discussions and other interactions, we conducted qualitative assessment of Arogya Yojana. The results indicated that the Arogya Yojana has carved its niche in being a voluntary, participatory and local community driven health movement in the rural, remote and tribal areas of India. For the quantified assessment, we digitized the archival data that is collected, and stored in paper formats. We examined this data to assess the impact of Arogya on the health status of the village. The quantified assessment in more than 300 villages showed the success of the program in improving several health indicators in the villages where it operates.


This study indicates that the program has been effective in promoting change in the rural and remote villages in India. These findings support the broader vision of Ekal to provide better healthcare to the village, along with the educational activities.