Title: EKAL School Visits by Youth: Why it is needed and what can come out of it? Last three years in Perspective.

Presenter: Nikhil N. Mehta, Houston, Texas.  Ph: 832.660.8008 (Cell) 281.286.2142 (Home)

Affiliation: Dedicated EKAL Volunteer working towards increasing EKAL awareness. 

Former NASA Engineer, currently a small business owner in Houston, Texas, USA



It is important for the young EKAL Volunteers as well as donors who are generously contributing to see first-hand with their own eyes how the goal & mission of EKAL is accomplished.

Project Details

So I propose to one and all EKAL dedicated volunteers to encourage more and more EKAL youth volunteers as well as donors from around the world and also for those who are contemplating to further this noble cause to take some time out of their busy schedules and visit one or two schools on their trip to India or during their vacations and see it first-hand, why & how it is done. Once we visit one or more school find opportunities to share your experiences with other in your area. It is like lighting many candles with one!


Quite astonishing! In regards to one’s personal/individual growth as well as beneficial to EKAL growth in terms of conviction towards building strong EKAL family with goal & higher purpose and at the same time giving rise to the Leaders of tomorrow. More visits result in increased understanding of the EKAL vision and the contributions increased in terms of number of dedicated volunteers, the amount of time given to EKAL cause and more unified EKAL family.


We always equate our time with money but if we want to convert this time in to true wealth we must have “EKAL Experience!” Only when we go meet those under-privileged kids and look deep into their eyes we can visualize the EKAL mission, may it be anywhere in the world. Based on experiences of many including my own I can say with conviction “EKAL School visit will transform you, will touch your  heart and stimulate your mind and make your will stronger to further EKAL’s vision.”  This was also demonstrated by sharing experiences of those who visited EKAL Schools in the tribal villages in past three years. The responsibility lies on strong shoulders of youth who can donate the most valuable resource of all, their time and dedication. First-hand experience will forever crystallize the thought that “EKAL’s is truly a noble cause.”