Title: Leveraging From Newer Technologies on Internet

Presenter: Mihir Vaidya

Affiliation: Regional President for EKAL USA Northwest Region, Software Engineer at Microsoft Corporation



Technology can have profound impact on nonprofits. Non-profit organizations stand to gain significant efficiencies through its effective implementation. Newer Web-2.0 technologies such as blogs, social networks, social media and e-commerce enable us to easily create and share content and connect with potential donors. As the economy slows down and non-profit budgets get tighter, it is crucial that we find alternative ways to communicate with potential donors, volunteers and communities and create a brand loyalty

Project Details

Ekal team in Seattle has used technologies such as online videos, social networks and online checkout engines for herding crowds to their events and raising funds for Ekal.


Effective use of internet technologies has enabled Ekal Seattle to raise money to support 125 schools in their first year and more than 400 schools in the second year of their operation.