Title: Publicizing Matching Donations by Corporations

Presenter: Mihir Vaidya

Affiliation: Regional President for EKAL USA Northwest Region, Software Engineer at Microsoft Corporation



Most large corporations have gift and donation matching programs for their employees. Effective use of such programs can increase the impact of every dollar donated multi-fold.

Project Details

Ekal Seattle has a big presence in the Indian community in Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft provides a solid platform and encourages its employees to engage in philanthropic activities all year round. Month of October is considered a month of Giving and the company drives a campaign to raise money for various registered causes. Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation is one such cause and benefits a lot from this program. Microsoft matches 100% of employee donations up to $12,000 per employee. About 40% of all funds raised in Seattle come as a result of employee matching in Microsoft. Microsoft also donates $17 per hour for every hour any Volunteer spends working for Ekal. Employee time matching contributes to about 10% of all funds raised by Ekal Seattle team.


Employee gift and time matching is a very powerful medium, which encourages donors to give and adds a big multiplying factor to every dollar donated. All Ekal Chapters should research such opportunities in their areas.