Title:   Media Library

Presenter: Mehul Shah and Ritu Linhart

Affiliation: Dedicated EKAL Volunteer from Houston and Miami area



As our media database gets larger and more Ekal chapters form around the nation, there is a need for a standardized system for managing, storing, and dispersing media.  Ekal’s primary forms of media include videos, power-point presentations, journal articles, and press releases.  Across the world, presentations to future donors as well as repeat donors are made at homes, banquets, dinners, performances, and other fundraising/social events throughout the year.  Since individual chapters, regions, and national teams are expected to publicize up-to-date and reliable data and information regarding Ekal’s mission, there should be a centrally managed media library that includes web-accessible media as well as packets of hard copies of media that can be sent through snail mail.

Some articles that may be helpful for all of us to share and talk about are:
    • Ekal’s recent award from Bharat Vikas Parishad
    • An award to The Friends of Tribals Society for “Outstanding Contributions to Social Welfare” from the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2008.

Project Details

All media will be catalogued on a spreadsheet, which will be accessible through the internet.  Media packages, which include a copy of each new DVD and power-point Presentation available since 2008 along with any relevant journal articles will be distributed to each chapter/region during the national conference and will be mailed to chapters that request media.  Possibilities of web implementation (You Tube videos, viral marketing, etc.) will be recognized by Ekal’s Web Team and the Marketing committee.


There are many articles published in India about Ekal that can be used for fundraising purposes and those articles should be dispersed to chapters across the nation regularly.  DVD’s should be available online and sent in hard copy in case venues do not have internet connectivity.  There is an established need for a centralized system for distributing and storing both new and old media presentations, including DVD’s, PowerPoint presentations, journal articles, and press releases.