About Us

Ekal Vidyalaya DC Washington Chapter is actively involved in spreading the word, fund raising and other annual events. Our region involves a lots of doctors, young IT professionals, professors and students. We stand side by side to organize any local events and help raise the funds.

In past, we have had record of generating about 500 schools worth donation every year. In 2008, our target is 1000 schools.

Washington DC Chapter organizes 4 yearly events to spread the word and increase awareness though out DC region.

Annual Fund Raisers

Every year Washington DC Chapter arranges a fundraiser event full of music and performances from various artists. Please review a list of our successful events in the past

Great Teacher Lecture Series

The Great Teacher Lecture Event of the Ekal Vidyalaya DC chapter is an annual event to provide a platform to learn from the successful leaders and established motivators from real life.

Visit our Great Teacher Lecture Series page here

New Frontiers in Leadership

This is awarded to a young individual who has set an example through great work to be a new frontier in leadership.

Visit out New Frontiers in Leadership page here

Annual Donor Appreciation Day

Every year, our chapter celebrates this day with music and performances of local artists to thank and acknowledge our donors.