New Frontiers in Leadership

New Frontiers in Leadership is an annual event to honor leaders.

2008 - Viveka Boddipalli

He is the founder and President of Veranda Foundation (, a non-profit dedicated to providingrural India with opportunity.

New Frontiers in Past

Sanjay logged hundreds of hours on the train as he traveled to remote areas, documenting and third party evaluating the Ekal Vidyalaya literacy movement in tribal India.

2006 - Carrie TrybulecDirector, Gandhi Memorial Center

Carrie Trybulec has devoted herself to working with the ideals and life message of Mahatma Gandhi through service to the Gandhi Memorial Center since 1998.

2005 - Vanita Gupta

An accomplished lawyer and a young leader

2004 - Sonal Shah

2007 - Dr Sanjay Bhatt