California Fundraiser drew $200,000

Post date: Jul 5, 2008 3:39:08 PM

ANAHEIM: "If the poor children cannot come to education, education must come to them" those are the famous words of Swami Vivekananda. And the Ekal Vidyala Foundation does exactly that. The foundation is committed to eradicating illiteracy from the villages of India by bringing schools to the remote areas that lack resources.Literally meaning one-teacher school, Ekal Vidyala movement seeks the involvement of the local people of the village in the creation of the school, the selection of the teacher and the curriculum. But more importantly, the schools are run with the monetary help from the more privileged members of the society.

"We are currently looking for more youth volunteers to partake in the foundation's mission." Currently there are over 30,000 schools in operation throughout India - over 3000 of these sponsored by the Southern California Chapter alone. The goal for the Ekal Vidyala Foundation is to build 100,000 non-formal schools by the year 2011.