Title: Let’s make Ekal Vidyalaya “Spatial”

Name of Presenters: Anand Trivedi and Mukul

Volunteers in Ekal Florida and Ekal DC Region



Today, Ekal Vidyalaya has around 26,724 schools in India, distributed all over the country. If an Ekal administrator wants to know more about a particular Ekal school and the village where the school is located, a volunteer has to look through several pieces of documents before obtaining any reasonable information. Some of the information such as health facilities, literacy percentage, and local statistics for a particular region may not be available in the same place.

Project Details

While, it is useful to know the location of the schools in terms of their village name, taluka and district name, a “Spatial” approach to represent the school information is to create “spatial maps” that show both, the location and the information associated with the location. They are also visually appealing and can be transmitted via the internet. Spatial maps can show, for example, population, water sources, literacy statistics and environment related data about a region along with the village location on map. Health and hygiene data can also be incorporated into these maps and can be presented in a visual form. The spatial maps for Ekal schools will transform the numbers and text of information into rich graphical maps, which will be useful for both visitors of the website and Ekal administrators.


Through this pilot project, we propose, an online portal that hosts spatial maps for Ekal Vidyalaya schools, which will be available for downloads as well as for prints. Spatially enabled maps can become a great tool for education and public information as well as provide greater visibility for Ekal in promoting the cause of empowerment through education.