HFRI Health Seminar 2015


Goal of the Seminar

To inform the audience in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington DC USA, about the scope and the necessity of the health education in Ekal villages.


In 2008 “Arogya Yojana : An Assessment of a Voluntary, Participatory and Local Community Driven Health Movement in the Rural Areas of India” was published. This first phase report was the collaborative project report of Aragya-CHIDS-iBharati health. The analytical report indicated that the presence of a trained front line health worker had a positive health out comes in Ekal Villages.

To benefit the Arogya work conducted by Arogya Sevika, Isha and Shashank Garg had suggested the use of a “hand held device.

Since 2008 the concept of global health has been firmely routed and the role of front line workers is in the spot light.

To serve the village, Arogya Foundation of India is now focusing on the detection and treatment of anemia. In the process of detection and treatment of anemia, a program for skills development for health education, counselling & behavioural change communication should be a part of the teaching curriculum.

Role of EKAL DC in training of Arogya Sevika

To facilitate the teaching and training of Arogya Sevika Ekal DC is promoting the immediate use of a hand held projector demonstrated by Earthopia. This small projector runs on batteries that can be charged by solar power and cost $400/unit

“Great Teacher”

On October 24, 2015 Ekal DC conducted a lecture series entitled "Great Teacher". This year in 2015 it was indeed our honor to have the Montgomery County’s chief executive officer Mr. Ike Leggett as a Great Teacher Speaker. His talk was entitled "Empowerment Through Education". Mr. Bruce Adams introduced the Guest speaker to the audience. Mr. Leggett mentioned that education is a great equalizer.

Skype Session with Dr. Mukul Bhatia

The event started with a Skype session with Dr. Mukul Bhatia, located in Rachi India. He described the anemia detection and treatment project in Ekal villages, to the audience. This was followed By Q/A from the audience. Dr. Bhatia was thrilled by the experience of being face to face with the audience. He was greatly thankful to all for communication with him and for asking some very relevant questions. He hopes tha more such programmes will bring our brethren in US close to the real situation on ground in the rural settings in India. In the beginning he was not confident enough that this skype communication will materialize. But with Sunil ji's help it has happened, and his suggestion is that it should be conducted in the rural setting and the rural workers - the Arogya Sevikas should be interviewed. Then the people will be able to view more realistic situations here and also will have close feeling of our efforts. Again with lot of thanks for the successful skype program

Speakers details and report

Here is a page showing details of points raised by each speaker with their bio and Report in PDF format

Speakers video reports

You can watch videos of the semiar at YouTube.

Complete gallery of pictures at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q11nlyp6zukvurp/AAD9y2j8DMt9lBxg9dXK_GxYa?dl=0

Ending with “Namaste”

The event on October 24th ended with a final note from Reverend Mansfield Kaseman. He acknowledged the needs and reached out to support us. He said that he sees, Gandhi's teaching making a greater impact not just in India but around the world. He ended his talk on being connected, with "Namaste".


Ekal DC is moving forward in search of various options for training of Front line health care workers, with the quest to be an instrument for better health for our villagers.