2009 Fundraiser with Sushil Baweja Group

Tuesday, 9th June 2009

7:00 PM-8:00 PMChinmaya Mission 46 Norwood Rd Silver Spring, MD 20905 - View Map

Call 301-384-5009 or 301 424 0747 for more details.

Artists Introduction

Sushil Baweja - Shri. Sushil Baweja, a truely creative artist received his early music lessons from his mother. He seems to reach a new level each year as an innovative, versatile, classical and semi classical singer. The effect of his voice is instant and refreshing to the ear. Shri. Sushil Baweja has won many awards in India and abroad.

Ashok Pandey - Shri. Ashok Pandey, a renowned tabla maestro has been honored by former president and former prime minister of India. In addtion to featuring in numerous CDs, films, and TV series, he won many awards including the Malhar samman from Alaudin Khan Music Academy, the Vishweshwaraiya award etc.

Preet Prerana & Jaydeep Pandey - Preet Prerana & Jaydeep Pandey are successful play back singers in Indian movies. They were trained by Shri. Sushil Baweja and Shri. Ashok Pandey and perform with them in India and abroad. They are very popular among different age groups for their devotional and film songs.