2009 Fundraiser

Sunday, July 7, 2009

Greater Baltimore Temple, Finksburg, MD

Total Funds raised: $10,000 for sponsoring 27 schools, and received pledges worth $5,000 for 13 schools.

So far in 2009: 214 schools

Our Target: 1,000 schools

Incredible Performers-Sushil Baweja Group

Sushil Baweja: Sangeet Bhushan, Disciple of Renowned Musician Ravindra Jain. Shri. Sushil Baweja has won many awards in India and abroad.

Ashok Pandey: Tabala Martand. He has been honored by former president and PM of India. In addition to featuring in numerous CDs, films, and TV series, he won many awards.

Preet Prerana: Playback Singer in Indian movies and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenger. She is trained by Shri.Sushil Baweja and Shri. Ashok Pandey

Kumar Jai: Playback Singer in Indian movies and Live Performer. He is trained by Shri. Sushil Baweja and Shri. Ashok Pandey


This fund-raising event served in creating awareness about Ekal Vidyalaya among the Indian Community in and around Baltimore, and at the same time marks the beginning of a new chapter at the Greater Baltimore Temple, Finksburg, MD 21048. The event, with a gathering of around 150 people, also provided a platform to network and for active exchange of ideas, visions and aspirations among people from all genres to support and further the social cause promoted by Ekal Vidyalaya movement.

Ekal’s Success from this event:

The idea is promising: providing all like minded people a common platform that facilitates collaboration and contribution in a manner that is in exact tune with the interests that surround a noble cause. Subsequently, the artists too conveyed the message loud and clear about working with Ekal and make it a collaborative all-inclusive effort. With our tidbits with the artists, they really enjoyed the passion of the interactive audience for their musical program. The support from Gujarati Samaj, Temple management and Afghani Hindus added a further charm to the event. In all, the event gave an opportunity to gather people from all age groups including young students, working professionals, temple devotees and elderly devoted crowd and convince them furthermore about the importance of ekal’s initiatives and to participate accordingly.

Some of the major achievements:

• The Collaboration with Gujrati Samaj is yet another opportunity to bring people together not just for an event, but also to make a difference while enjoying at the event . Every donation counts in the end!

• Responsible for creating awareness about the EKAL brand.

• Build strong relations with the Gujarati Samaj President Rajesh Pujaraji, actively promoting the Ekal vision and its strong desire of giving light in others life.

• The incredible event was followed by dinner, which also gave an opportunity for audience to have conversation with the artist on a one to one basis. They also shared pictures with the audience and were more than happy to talk and share their experiences.

• This audience was so amazed with the quality of the program that Ekal got many new volunteers through this event and Gujarati Samaj has pledged to support ten new schools.