Our progress in Andhra Pradesh

As of August 2008, there are 1331 Ekal Vidyalayas in Andhra Pradesh.

The complete listing with interactive map at http://ekalindia.org/ekaladmin/ekal/ekalprogress/viewstateanchalsessiondata.php?PHPSESSID=7cf185c78bc962de97f350e1a50deb3f&state=Andhra_Pradesh

You can click on each Anchal and get the list of schools in that region.

Ekal Progress in AP

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many schools are in AP and where are they located?

A: above table gives the number of schools and their location.

Q: How many more schools will be opened in AP?

A: By April 2009- 270 new schools will be opened.

Q: How many schools from the above table are running for 5 years or longer?

A: In palampoor saanch alone 30 schools have have come under MTS.

Q: Under the present Ekal -Arogya system Ekal school teacher is teaching Arogya also. That mans one person is doing two jobs. So what does the Arogya sevika do now? And if arogya sevika has been hired as a teacher then what is the role of previous Ekal teacher? Are they out of job?

A: No one is out of job. After 3 hours of teaching -at Ekal schools, ekal acharya does Arogya sevika's work. To empower the women best women achrya and best arogya sevika have been retained as Ekal SCHOOL TEACHER, the teacher or the sevika who was spared has been assigned to new positions in gram vikas and empowerment education programs.

Q: How many schools are functioning?

A: There are 26314 schools with a total of 789420 students

Q: What tribes live n the districts listed in above table? What is their literacy status?

A: To answer this figure from 2001 census are listed in table below. Next census figures will be available in 2010.

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